Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One of those days

Ever have one of those days (or two) where nothing seems to go your way? How about the type of day where everything seems to go contrary to your way? After being away from home for a week I was eager to get back to my regular routine, get back to my studio, etc. Woke up yesterday excited to get back to work. Now, I don't normally believe in luck, either the good or the bad kind. But from the time I woke up yesterday my luck has just been no good. Yesterday was more or less sent mildely ill to my stomach, but you know, I can get over that. I've always had a sensitive stomach, so I've gotten used to living with that. No big deal, a less productive day than I'd hoped but I still got a bunch of orders packed and shipped and my new shawl blocked. Decided to just take it easy, took a hot bath in the evening, read a novel. Thought- tomorrow will be more productive. And then I woke up this morning. Nothing has gone right today. 

1) My skein winder broke. Ok, it had been on the way for a while and I did have a replacement ready. But the replacement doesn't work right
. I had planned on spending all day pre-skeining yarn for some wholesale orders. It didn't happen. And I'm not really sure how to fix the new one because all the tools I used to make it (i.e. the bandsaw) live in Winston in my parents' basement.

2) the Color Co-op vote that was supposed to end today got all messed up (my fault), I upset some knitters, got threatened with pointy sticks (ok, not really), had to start the vote over again. what a mess. I feel so stupid about that, and unprofessional. Yuck, I hate it. 

3) I was feeling kind of bleh b/c of the color co-op thing, so I though "Ok, I'll clean up the studio. That always makes me feel better". Well I had just gotten some hooks and cord to set up some new drying lines in the studio to use to hang up drying yarn and yarn thats been dyed but is waiting to be reskeined, etc. Wonderful. Got them up, loaded with yarn. Fell down. No, not just fell down, slingshotted across the room, flinging yarn everywhere. 

4) Ok, so cleaning the studio didn't work. How about I just pack some o
rders and have a glass of wine. What could go wrong? I know what you are thinking and no, I didn't pour wine all over the orders. Instead I just dumped it on the keyboard of my laptop (my brand new laptop). And now the little mouse thingy won't work so I have to use an external mouse, and thats just annoying. I'm hoping maybe it will, um, dry out and be ok tomorrow? 

Sigh. I'm done. I'm sitting on the couch doing NOTHING for the rest of the night. Except browing the web for funny stuff like this.

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