Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Family Week Day 3

Most of Monday was spent doing computer work and cleaning out my closet. I'm a married adult living across the state, but I still have an amazing amount of stuff at my parents house. Please tell me this is normal. But I did manage to fill one garbage bag full of stash yarn that I can bear to part with (I'll be bringing it to a yarn swap night w/ the Carrboro knitting group in November, and donating whats left over), another bag full of shoes that I never wear and can be sent to Goodwill, a bag full of knitted caps and scarves that I collected um, a year ago (shhh don't tell) but never actually found a home for. I'm going to take care of that tomorrow. I promise. I had to wait for my parents to get home in the afternoon to leave the house because my car battery was dead- again. Long story, but I think its finally fixed for good now (after a new regulator and then a new alternater were installed and a new battery bought..). 

Monday afternoon I took a trip to the Amani headquarters which just happen to be located about a mile from my parents' house. I brought them a skein of yarn in the Amani colorway and a sample sock knit up using the Entwined pattern. They were so excited to finally see it in person and said that the color was perfect and very "Kenyan". We raised about $80 for them in just the first month that the colorway and sock pattern were being sold. I feel pretty good about that, but also think we can raise even more in the future. I'm looking forward to writing them lots of big checks. 

After seeing the wonderful ladies at Amani, I picked up Allison from school (shes a teacher) and we had dinner together. Allison and I started our friendship not long before I moved away and I really wish that we had been able to spend more time together. There are lots of people that I like to spend time with, enjoy the company of, etc, but there are only a handful of people in my life who I truely respect and admire and who's advice and opinions I really value. Allison is one of those people. I can't assume to know her very well, really, but shes just the type of person who you know, immediately, is a good person. And people like that are hard to find. So of course it was great to see her and spend a couple of hours over burgers and pizza. I'm looking forward to getting to spend the day with her at SAFF in about two weeks (!). 

After dinner I went to Jo Anns and got buttons for Twinkle and for two baby sweaters my mom made. Yes, we have been knitting lots of baby stuff. No, there isn't something I haven't been telling you. My mom has been in the sweater making mood but doesn't have the commiment to make a full sized sweater, so shes gotten hooked on baby and toddler sweaters. Some of them we will use as Unique Sheep samples, some will probably end up being gifts for friends who 
have babies and others will be saved for future grandchildren. And me? I've just been knitting samples for the Unique Sheep that happen to be baby patterns. Not that I wouldn't love a baby to put them on, but right now I'd rather that baby belong to someone else. No time or space in our life right now for babies! 

Knitting Photo Info: All three items were knit out of Super Wool. I'm not sure what pattern my mom used for the natural colored one but I think it was from a Berroco booklet, the striped one is the famous Tulip cardigan but in
 slightly different colors and the star shaped one (missing one leg) is Twinkle

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I love you too! :) I can't wait for SAFF either. Have fun at Knit Night tonight!