Monday, May 26, 2008


I just got in some new soap making supplies so this weekend I decided to try a couple of new recipes. The soap to the left is a Lavender soap-- the dark flecks are lavender buds. I accidentally didn't make a large enough batch to completely fill the molds, so the bars are a bit funny shaped. But they will still work! I got the recipe here.
The darker soap was supposed to be coconut scented but I don't think I added enough coconut fragrance. Oops! The recipe was one that I created and that I've used for several batches so far.

I think that later this week I'm going to try a couple more batches. I have promised Kelly some Honeysuckled scented soap, and Chris wants some with a Bay Rum fragrance. I'm still pretty new at soap making so each batch I make is a bit nerve wracking-- I never know how it will turn out. And sometimes I end up with bars that look like this. I'm not sure why.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Should I?

I really want to make this dress to wear to the Rehearsal Dinner. What do you think? Is it too weird? I'm not sure how it will actually look in person. And what color would be best? I think it looks great in black, but for my wedding rehearsal I want to look a bit more bridal, I think. Of course if I did this, I'd have to make a slip dress to go under it. And I don't really want to have to do that. But its so pretty. But do I really have time? Probably not. But its so pretty. Can you tell I'm suffering from a bit of indecision?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Knit Picky Wedding Shower

Yesterday the Knit Picky girls threw me the best wedding shower. There were yummy treats like baked brie, lemonade pound cake and Kim's famous chewies (Kim-- I need that recipe). And all my favorite people. And the best part of all was the gorgeous afghan given to me by the group. Each block was knit or crocheted by a different person. The white tags have their names on them. I had no idea that they had something like that planned and was completely overwhelmed by the gift. I will treasure it forever.

Since I'm moving to Chapel Hill this summer to be with Chris I've had to stop working at Knit Picky. I don't know what I'm going to do without these girls in my life. I'll just have to start driving back to Winston on Wednesday nights for Open Knit night!

More photos from the shower can be seen here. If you were at the shower and took pictures, please email them to me at and I will add them to the flickr group. Thanks!