Monday, May 26, 2008


I just got in some new soap making supplies so this weekend I decided to try a couple of new recipes. The soap to the left is a Lavender soap-- the dark flecks are lavender buds. I accidentally didn't make a large enough batch to completely fill the molds, so the bars are a bit funny shaped. But they will still work! I got the recipe here.
The darker soap was supposed to be coconut scented but I don't think I added enough coconut fragrance. Oops! The recipe was one that I created and that I've used for several batches so far.

I think that later this week I'm going to try a couple more batches. I have promised Kelly some Honeysuckled scented soap, and Chris wants some with a Bay Rum fragrance. I'm still pretty new at soap making so each batch I make is a bit nerve wracking-- I never know how it will turn out. And sometimes I end up with bars that look like this. I'm not sure why.


groovygrrl said...

That last photo looks like you had some hard oils that didn't melt all the way. It shouldn't be harmful, but if it didn't saponify, that part of the soap won't lather at all.

Soap making gets addicting--be careful! :)

Author, Making Soap In Your Own Kitchen and Best Soap Recipes

Ann-Marie said...

oooh soap.
I have just caught this addiction also.
I had one batch (chocolate goat's milk soap) that turned out like that--it looks splotchy.

trek said...

I really want to learn how to make soap!