Sunday, May 25, 2008

Should I?

I really want to make this dress to wear to the Rehearsal Dinner. What do you think? Is it too weird? I'm not sure how it will actually look in person. And what color would be best? I think it looks great in black, but for my wedding rehearsal I want to look a bit more bridal, I think. Of course if I did this, I'd have to make a slip dress to go under it. And I don't really want to have to do that. But its so pretty. But do I really have time? Probably not. But its so pretty. Can you tell I'm suffering from a bit of indecision?


Anonymous said...

Do it!!! It would look perfect in a peachy color or a pale yellow. Do it!

Nicola said...

Hey :D I'd do it anyhow, party or no party! I just bought the pattern a few weeks back because I liked the chemise pattern of this. Was thinking about making it for a friends wedding but no time :/ Fortunately we have two weddings this year to go to :D When you do get round to doing it put a pic up for us all.