Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Go Team! Go Ryan!

This week I am taking time off from work to visit family. When I moved to Carrboro this past summer I thought I'd be back to winston more often- after all its only a 1.5 hour drive. But with gas costs, plus car problems, plus a busy schedule it just hasn't happened as much as I'd thought it would. But Chris is out of town for the week so I'm taking that as a good excuse to come home and spend time with family and friends that I haven't seen much in the last couple of months. To kick the week off, I finally got to see my cousin, Ryan, play football for UNC. I'm such a bad cousin-- this is his third year on the team (hes a junior) and I'm just now making it to a game! Ok, so I'm not much of a football fan. But with Chris's help I'm learning the rules (sort of) and as long as I've got my knitting in my lap I don't mind an afternoon of ball games. And it really was cool seeing Ryan play. It was a realy good game, too. UNC played well and beat the pants off the University of Connecticut and Ryan tackled lots of people! Oh, and I even got to see a sheep! UNC's mascot is a Ram and before each game they parade a real live ram out on the field- his name is Ramses. Though we had good seats, my camera still had a hard time zooming that far and taking a clear shot of moving livestock, so my photos are blurry. But look- a sheep!  Oh, and I also got to see my other cousin, Scott (the fellow on the right in this photo), his girlfriend and  my uncle (not photographed). 

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