Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cool Free Gadget

Mechanical row counters and I just don't get along. I forget to twist them or I lose them or they break or whatever. And sometimes I have some sensitivity issues on my finger tips from excema and the texture of the rolly ridges hurts (weird, I know). And the ones you click? I just lose those. But my laptop is almost always by my side and I haven't managed to lose it (yet). Thats what makes this online row counter perfect. Just press the space bar after every row! A gal over on Ravelry created it after another knitter complained about not being able to find something like that, and is letting everyone use it for free. How cool is that? 

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Turtle said...

lol, sounds good but in my knit area (big comfy queen throne chair stole from hubby!) it would be one more thing in the reach of my knocking it over, smile. Q- what have you tried for your esczema? LMK if you'd like a few ideas as my daughter and i tried everything for years before finding some magical cures!