Sunday, March 25, 2007

Too many projects!!

Okay, I admit it. I have too many works in progress. I just have one or two too many going on right now. It makes it too hard to choose what to work on! Avi likes having all the yarn laying around, though.

This weekend I made some more progress on my Bonsai lace top (I am loving it!), knit up and felted a test sample of a felted mug cozy using the shop logo, and began making Anouk from I am using King Tut cotton for Anouk and I think its going to work very nicely (photo of intarsia pocket to the left). If all goes well I will teach a fair-isle workshop using the felted mug cozy project and a class on Anouk sometime this spring.

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Karen said...

Hi Laura! I saw the felted cozy last night - it's so did a great job :) Hope you're having fun in Florida!