Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Today's Sessions

I only really attended one session today-- "Topics in Reproductive Anthropology". One of my favorite subjects! It was a great session with 6 different papers presented, all of them interesting. Carolyn Hough, Jill Fleuriet, Nancy Winterbauer, Jennifer Thompson, Julie Tumbarello and Lisa Kane-Low presented on topics ranging from childlessness in Gambia to Menopause and Sexuality to Elective Cesareans. If you can't contain your curiosity and want to read my (brief) notes from the session you can download them by clicking here. The line up for tomorrow looks like "Reproductive Health Education," "Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health,"Perspectives on Teen Sexuality, STIs, Sex Ed," "Reproduction and Children's Health," and "Development Wars: Collaborating in a Global Solution." (one of my professors is part of that last one so I should probably attend it to support her) What a full day! And then I have a reception for the Council on the Anthropology of Reproduction (CAR) at 9pm.

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