Thursday, March 1, 2007

Stress Relief

Its midterms time and so I'm stressed out about exams and papers. Thankfully we get a week off for spring break once all the exams are over (just one more week!)--guess what I am going to do with my time off? (here is a hint, it requires the use of two sticks and a ball of yarn...) In an attempt to survive until then I have started a new project or two...just little ones though! I got the spring edition of Knit Simple in the mail yesterday and it has patterns for the cutest crocheted stuffed animals including a pig that I just couldn't resist. I'm not sure what an "amigurami" is but it sounds fun! I haven't crocheted since I was in middle school but after looking over the basic instructions again my fingers miraculously remembered what to do. Its amazing how much faster crocheting is than knitting but it seems to make my hands cramp up more. Anyone else have this problem? Of course at the same time as I am starting this funny little creature into the shop walks one of our instructors with an adorable bunny that she made from the book Last Minute Knitted Gifts and reveals to me that they also have a pattern for an equally cute elephant. And since I have an odd attachment to elephants ofcourse I can't resist. So now I have two stuffed animals in progress. I don't have any need for stuffed animals. But who can resist. Plus, I have been working hard this week and deserve something fun...check out progress here.

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