Monday, March 12, 2007

Bamboo Yarn

I like bamboo yarn. I know its a silly novelty thing, but it makes me happy to make things out of bamboo. I am thinking about going to the plant store today and buying a little bamboo plant to look at while I knit with my bamboo yarn. I just started the green lace tanktop from Interweave Spring 2007 magazine using Berroco Bonsai and its great to work with. I was a bit worried at first b/c it is flat like a ribbon yarn and I find ribbon yarn awkward to work with. Even the Suede I am using for my bikini is a little weird to knit. But I don't find that with this yarn at all. It is soft and supply so you don't notice that its flat. To be honest I don't know how I am going to like it when its finished. I don't usually like yarns with shiny glitz in them, and the pattern is kind of different, but for some reason I just have to make it. It will be a great technique piece, if nothing else. It has multiple lace designs and will be one of the first sweater-type things I have made. And even if it doesn't look good on me I am sure it will look lovely on one of the display forms in the shop!

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