Monday, March 5, 2007

Crocheted Checkers Set

My mom is a hand spinner so we have lots of random little yarn balls all over the place. They are made of all different types of wool in different shades and blends of white, brown and gray. I hate seeing them sitting around unused and ignored so I decided to dump a bunch of them in some dye and make a felted crocheted checkers set. My parents are building a mountain house which we plan to fill with handcrafted stuff and I think a hand crocheted checkers set will fit in great. I am trying to match the color to some hand-spun I already had dyed up and that is always a challenge. One of the colors is a rusty red left over from the toboggan I made Dad for Christmas, the other is some blue yarn from a project I never started many years ago. I think it may actually be some that I handspun-- its more uneven than my mom's yarn. Once I get the yarn dyed the way I like it I think this project is going to work up quickly since its crocheted. Don't you love all the fun, totally random patterns you can find online?

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