Sunday, December 2, 2007

Artisans Fair

Friday was the annual Holiday Artisans Fair at school. I have attended since it started 3 or 4 years ago and so once again I had a table. My yarn was a bit out of place at a holiday craft fair and I didn't expect to sell much, so I wasn't disappointed by low sales. I handed out a lot of cards both for The Unique Sheep and Knit Picky, though, so I consider it a success.

The real reason I attended, though, was the shopping! I love being able to support fellow artisans and can't resist their handmade products. I have a true weakness for hand thrown pottery and ended up buying 3 mugs for myself! Plus one or two other little treats that can't be posted about until after Christmas. And look at this great basket; its supposed to hold fruit or bread but as soon as I spotted it I knew it would be perfect to hold a WIP! As in past years I also snagged a couple of hand knit washcloths. One of the ladies at the school knits up cotton dishcloths throughout the year and has a table full for sale for $4 each come fair time. For $4 I'd rather buy them than knit them myself!

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