Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wild Fiber Magazine

If you've been looking for a new fiber related magazine, but want something different than your standard pattern magazine, check out Wild Fiber Magazine. Their website is very out of date, but don't let that turn you off. The magazine is wonderful. In college I studied anthropology and often miss it. I never wanted a career in anthropology, but I loved learning about different cultures and ways of life. Thats what Wild Fiber is all about, but with a fiber twist. Each article is about a different place in the world where fiber is produced, milled or worked with. Its fascinating! This is a magazine that I keep beside my bed and read an article ever night, working my way from the first page to the very last. That way it lasts me a good long time, unlink a pattern magazine that I'll flip through a couple of times and then be done with. Usually there is only one pattern in each Wild Fiber magazine, I think; its not about the patterns.

I think that the next time someone asks me for a gift idea, I'll ask for a subscription!

ETA: I don't have any sort of connection, business or personal, to this magazine. I just picked up a copy out of curiosity and fell in love with it.

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kangath said...

Oh, yes! This looks great! I have let all my subscriptions lapse, but I do like a good fiber read. Just don't need so many pattern magazines! Thanks for the tip . . .