Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I know that everyone else thinks that us Southerners are are absolutely nuts for how we act when it snows. I know. I agree, we are a bit looney. But I don't care. Snow happens so seldom here, it is reaso n for celebration! Especially if you can still remember being in school and hoping for it to snow so that they would call off school the next day. Ok so I'm not in school anymore. And since I work out of my home I can't really use snow as an excuse not to "go to work". But still. Its so pretty!
This weekend we were at the mountain house with some friends and on the last day, it snowed! Not much, but it was so pretty to watch.

And then we got home (no snow for the drive, thankfully) and it started snowing here! And kept snowing and now its all white and beautiful. The only negative is that we have nothing to eat in the house, so we might have to go to the grocery store in the snow (which as a native NCer I find an impossible task).

Even Honey is enjoying the snow. Part of the bunny porch is covered and snow free (including her cage) but does she stay in the nice dry part? Ohhh no, shes bouncing around in the snowy part, eating snow and wondering why she can't get her paws clean.

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Cassandra said...

My kitten does the same thing with her paws. She insists on climbing into the bathroom sink, and then looks all shocked and affronted that her feet are wet. She'll wash them carefully, then climb back in.