Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Colbert Cozy

For the past several months I have been collecting knitted and crocheted squares in red, white and blue that I have joined together to create an afghan for the comedian/news host Stephen Colbert. I'm not sure how this idea got started, but as soon as I came up with it I found lots of people who were eager to supply a block (or two, or three..) in the Ravelry "Fans of Fake News" group. Every week a few more blocks would arrive in the mail and I'd add them to the growing pile. Eventually I was able to start seaming them together, and finally I had enough to assemble the whole afghan and crochet a simple border around it. I think it looks great! Because we didn't specify a yarn (other than that it be washable), we ended up with lots of different shades of red, white and blue. I think it really adds to the patch work/ home made look. One of the group members has "connections" to the show and has alerted them to our project so they not only know that its coming, but are reported to actually be excited about it! And she got me the mailing address of one of the producers so I can mail it directly to someone close to Stephen. So tomorrow I'll be saying goodbye to the afghan and sending it off. Keep and eye open for it on the show!!


kannd86 said...

It looks fantastic! Can't wait to see it on television. :)

Jenelle's So Called Life said...

Thanks for doing this, Laura, and for allowing me to help! I am so happy with how it came out. I love it!

Jenelle (Dollycheeks)