Thursday, July 5, 2007


  1. The Twisted Mitts pattern is now written up and ready to be tested. Hopefully there aren't any mistakes but I'm not holding my breath.
  2. The Todos Blanket pattern is almost ready.
  3. The free patterns for the mini sock and the worsted weight sock are on the website.
  4. The chart for the twisted socks is almost done, still need to write up the pattern though.
  5. A shipment of the yarn for Foot Prints and a new silk/merino blend arrived today. Will start dyeing it this afternoon.
  6. The website is functional, I think. There are tons of mistakes and its missing a lot of pictures and text but I think it is ready to accept orders. I imagine I will discover lots of problems once people start placing orders, but I can't find them or fix them until then. For those interested, I am going with Pay Pal for my shopping cart, at least for the time being. We shall see...

On the to-do list for this afternoon:
  1. Dye more yarn! Yay! Chris is coming over to dye up some of his colors. And I have a new silk blend to experiment with.
  2. Write up Todos and Twisted Socks patterns.
  3. Prepare wholesale info packages to be mailed out to yarn shops
  4. Prepare sample packages to be mailed out to designers/bloggers/podcasters (if you have a suggestion about who might be the more influential people to send samples to, please let me know. So far my list includes Brenda from Cast On, Lime and Violet, Eunny Jang and Cookie)
*note: since the first thing on my to-do list is to dye yarn, the rest of the list may or may not be ignored completely, at least for today.


Karen said...

Hope you had a good holiday! I just got my sock club kit today - I am so excited to have some pretty Knit Picky Yarn :) I can't wait until you officially open.

Erica said...

You could always try sending sock yarn to the Socks in the City podcaster. Definitely a targeted audience. She did put out a call in a previous podcast that she would be willing to accept yarn for review or for a contest on the website.

Alli said...

Guido from It's a Purl, Man and David from Sticks and String.