Thursday, July 12, 2007

A girls' gotta have her dresses

I haven't sewn in years. It used to be my "thing", kind of like how knitting is my "thing" now. But a couple of years ago I stopped, cold turkey. There were a lot of different reasons, but I just wasn't enjoying it anymore. It was work, it was stressful, it made me feel bad. It was a good decision to quite. And I don't really miss it-- I enjoy my new passion, knitting, more. But the one thing I do miss was how quickly I could sew together an outfit. Knitting is much more time consuming. This is normally fine, but doesn't help me when I need something to wear, soon. Especially if that "something" isn't say, a hat or pair of mittens. Coming up in a little under a month Chris will be starting medical school and the year is kicked off with a week of orientation, including several dinners that I will be attending. I have nothing to wear. Really. I haven't shopped for that type of clothing in years. In fact, most of what I have is from back in highschool and the first year of college when I was still sewing. I thought about buying a couple of cute dresses but they are SO expensive! I just can't justify paying so much money on clothes I will only wear once in a blue moon. So today I went by the fabric store and picked out a couple of patterns and some fabric. I don't know if I will actually get any of these dresses sewn. And if I do, I'll probably hate them. Thats how it usually goes. But we will see. Its been a long time. I wonder if I will enjoy it.

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