Saturday, July 21, 2007


Beau is a 5 month old hound/pit bull mix puppy who needs a home. I am currently fostering him for AARF. He is adorable and super calm and relaxed. He likes to nap and have his belly rubbed. He isn't house broken yet, but we are going to work on that this week. I have him until this Saturday when I will be taking him to an adoption fair (which happens to be held right beside Knit Picky) to see if we can find him a family. I would really like to keep him, he seems like a great dog, but we really don't need another dog right now. Isn't he cute?

Ok, so back to knitting. I am working on lots of projects, as always, but want to talk about 3 in particular. First, I finished the Todos Scarf sample- its beautiful. Maybe thats egotistical of me to say, but honestly, it is. Now I just need to get a good picture of it. I have also put together some kits with the pattern and yarn for the scarf so you don't have to buy a full skein of each yarn.

I am working on the Hexagon bag from the current Knit Simple and it is gorgeous. The yarn-- milli colori-- is one of my favorites. And the bright colors are perfectly framed with the black Noro Cash Iroha (a change from the pattern). Wow. Its going to be a really nice bag. Larger than I expected, though. I am making it as a shop sample and will be offering a class or workshop on it this fall. Its a neat technique- very little seaming required!

Project #3 for today is a pair of the Fishnet stockings from Lingerie Style. I've been wanting to make them and finally decided to cast on today. It calls for Wick, a yarn I love but which doesn't come in many colors that I would use for fishnet stockings. So I decided to use black Ultra Silk instead. Wow is this yarn nice. Its a bit pricey, it is silk (well, a silk blend) after all, but it is just sooo nice to work with. Its a bit bulkier than the Wick, but hopefully that won't affect the finished stockings too much. I am trying to knit tighter than usual and hope that the stretchy pattern will make it work out alright.

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