Thursday, June 14, 2007

Swap Arrival!

Mr. Postman just left a big box at my house. Want to see whats inside? Maxine sent me lots and lots of little goodies, all individually wrapped in pretty paper (this being my first swap, I didn't know how much fun pretty wrapping was...I will do better next time!!). After tearing off the paper like a little kid on Christmas morning this is what I made out with: one delicious praline (a local specialty) which lasted only long enough to take a picture (mmmmm was it good). a mixed cd of music to listen to while drinking tea and knitting (I can't wait to listen to it), a book of recipes for an afternoon tea, two bags of Teavana tea-- Japanese Wild Cherry and Thai Tea Blend-- Maxine's personal favorites, and a bag of German Rock Cane Sugar also from Teavana (I guess I am supposed to put this in the tea, not eat it like candy...darn), two teas from Republic of Tea, Blackberry Sage and Pomegranite Green Tea, in pretty colored plastic containers (which will eventually be great for storing other things), ginger thins cookies, wafer crackers, Chipotle dark chocolate, Chili Lemon Pepitas, two bars of locally made Goat's Milk Soap (how did she know that I love goat's milk soap?), bath salts, a single-serving coffee/tea maker thing (very cool) and a beautiful mug that matches the yarn perfectly! The Yarn. Handpainted Kid Mohair/Wool from Brooks Farm in gorgeous shades of blue and brown. Did I mention that that is one of my newest favorite color combos? Its beautiful! Unfortunately the mailman arrived as I was getting ready to go out and meet some old friends for the afternoon. Needless to say, I stopped getting ready immediately. They can deal with wet hair and no makeup. But I have run out of time unpacking, taking pictures and writing this post, so now I've got to run. Sampling my teas and dreaming about my yarn will have to wait till this evening! Thanks so much Maxine!

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maxine said...

Glad you liked the box-o-goodies...I forgot to tell you that I more often eat the sugar as candy than use it to sweeten tea. I do use it if
i am brewing the Japanese Wild cherry to make iced, but that is the only time I sweeten my tea, and most good Sutheners would not consider my tea sweetened (I have had many a sweetened iced tea from Hardee's!)

Also, Teavana says that their loose tea can be brewed 2 to 3 times in most cases, so the brew cup is good for that. Sorry I could not find the Merita filters it takes, No.2 I think.

Glad you liked everything!!