Friday, June 22, 2007


I said I was going to do it, and here I go. I have had an image of a soft, thick, mitt in my mind that just won't go away. I also have a yummy merino/alpaca/silk blend that has been telling me that it wants to become this pair of mitts. So this afternoon I started experimenting with stitches. At first I was thinking I wanted something lacy. I still like this idea, but while flipping through stitchionaries I was drawn to the twisted stitch (or mock-cable) patterns. So now I am thinking of a twisted stitch pattern down the back of the hand, with plain reverse stockinette stitch for the rest of the mitt, and a twisted stitch rib for the cuff. Its not too complex, but enough not to be boring. Plus it teaches an unusual ribbing and a somewhat unique technique. I like twisted stitch designs b/c they are a lot easier than cabling, in my opinion, but give a similar look. What do you think? Give me your opinions and suggestions, please!

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Alli said...

I love the mitt! It looks soft and warm and squishy!