Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Bump in the Road

I just discovered that there is another brand new handpainted yarn company, started at almost the exact same time as me, with the same name- The Painted Sheep. They just got their website up at

I am not sure how to handle this. We both started at the same time. This could certainly complicate things...


Anonymous said...

Hi! I don't know if you listen to their podcast, but Miss Violet of Lime 'n Violet is starting a yarn store and she wants to stock indie dyers.

Do you want me to point her your way?

-Allison (from the toe-up sock class)

Laura said...

I am just about to start listening to them, actually. I sometimes visit their message boards but its kind of overwhelming. Do you know her personally? Could you put in a good word for me? I would loooove to send her a sample pack!


maxine said...

I wonder if you can keep the name, but maybe refer to your business as much if not more by the webadress name. It might help make a distinction down the road. If you love the name, stay with it.

Anonymous said...


Well, I'm on the message boards and we're kinda small. We just looks scary. I'll send her a message and see if she wants you to send her a thing. I know she's not meeting with the realtor until Monday so it's not completely definite. On the other hand, they usually will review and talk about the yarn people send them on the podcast. So even if she doesn't start up the store, they still could talk about you on the podcast which would get you some big exposure. I'm AlliCat on the message boards over there. I'll come by the store tomorrow and we can talk about it then.