Tuesday, June 19, 2007


One of my challenges to myself for the summer (or however long it takes) is to start designing (that means writing stuff down...) patterns. I am fully capable of this, I know that, but for some reason I just haven't gotten around to it. I think there are a few reasons. One, I am so busy with other projects. There are so many great patterns already out there and I want to knit them all before I start adding more! Two, to actually count as designing I have to write everything down, that sounds like hard work. Three, I am scared that people won't be able to understand my directions. Bad patterns are so annoying. I don't want to make bad patterns and frustrate people. But I need to get over those fears and just go for it. I have some ideas. Here is what I want to design:

1) fingerless mitts out of my House Blend yarn (dk weight wool/alpaca/silk)-- along the lines of Fetching but maybe a chunky lace pattern on the back of the hand, no cables... (updated 6-22-7)

2) a lace scarf out of Tinsel Toes (or Sushi Socks)-- though I am marketing them as sock yarns, both of these yarns would be perfect for lace b/c they are lightweight (fingering) and have a shiny smoothness. They also contain plant fibers so they would be nice as a spring/fall/warm weather scarf

3) a blanket/throw that uses all of the Painted Sheep yarns. After laying out some of my finished yarn the other day I realized that if you put together a little of each yarn in the same colorway they look really neat. Each yarn takes the color differently yet they work well together. I decided that they would work well in a lacy blanket-- maybe a scallop lace or something. The brushed mohair and boucle will really make it special while the other yarns will keep it from becoming one big fuzz ball. My mom offered to knit this project for me once I have a design ready which is nice since if it was left up to me it would never get finished.

4) Fair Isle Mitts- This one is already designed, it just needs to be re-written more clearly and completely.

5) Fair Isle Socks-- same as above.

6) A slip stitch color work bag out of the worsted weight wool I just decided to add to my collection. I'd like to make it so that it can be felted or left unfelted and will look nice either way.

7) lace socks-- this one is half way there. I am working on a toe-up sock out of tinsel toe and fiddling with a lace pattern. If it turns out nice it shouldn't be a big deal to get it all down on paper. That is, IF it turns out nice.

Maybe now that I've actually written down these goals they may actually happen...maybe.

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