Thursday, November 1, 2007

To Do Lists

Once in a while my life overwhelms me just a bit. There isn't time or energy to do everything that needs to be done. This isn't a bad thing, really, and I'm not complaining (too much) because I know that if I wasn't so busy I'd be bored. And really its not that there is SO much I have to do, its more that there are one or two things hanging over my head making it feel like I have an overwhelming amount of stuff I must get done. Right now those two things are a) the Knitty ad and b) pattern editing.

I have signed up for (and paid for) an ad in the winter Knitty. It is due on Monday. I don't have anything. And I'm out of ideas. I had to wait till now to even think about this ad because of the whole name change chaos. And ideas. And I know that I don't have the skills or talent to make it look good. Ugh. I wish I'd addressed this earlier when I had time to beg an artistic friend to help me. Any good creative ideas on how to best use a long, skinny banner ad space?

Pattern editing is always hanging over my head. I enjoy designing, but I don't enjoy writing the patterns out or editing them after I've sent them out to testers. When my testers send me back their comments I dutifully print them out and put them in a special folder which I even carry around in my knitting bag to motivate me to do something with them. But knitting and dyeing are so much more fun...

****Added 11-2-07: Do you think that something using my sheep logo, along the lines of the drawing seen here would catch your eye more? Or something using photos of the actual yarn?


Cass said...

For your banner ad, what about a line of sheep, mostly brown but with your crayoned one tucked in there somewhere. Then, no the left side your name (ewenique sheep, now, right?) and web address. Just a thought. See you this weekend

Gena said...

I like Cass's idea better than mine, but I'll give mine anyway.

Put your crayoned sheep on the left of the banner, and the name in an artsy script across the banner. Underneath the name, write a little blurb like, "Unique yarns for the color connoisseur" or something less stupid. Include your web address somewhere.

Alli said...

I like Cass' idea too! I think if you're going for eye catching, the sheep is better than the yarns. It will be different than what everyone else is doing.