Sunday, November 18, 2007


Secret Pal Swap 11 just came to a close and look at all the goodies my swap pal sent me! There are a bunch of pictures so I am going to make them kind of small. Click on them for full sized views.

Beautiful pearl stitch markers. Only, I'm afraid I might be missing some. I found one floating around in the bottom of the box, and one attached to a bag. I know stitch markers are often sold in sets of at least 4 so I am sad to think that some of my stitch markers may have escaped on the journey to my house :(. But still, these are beautiful, and I often only need one or two to mark the beginning of a row.

The yarn: Wildfoote sock yarn in a pretty shade of dark green w/ a white "twist". Not only is it the perfect color for this time of year (Christmas green) but green is my favorite color. And its superwash which I love b/c, unlike some more responsible, caring knitters, I like to throw my socks in the wash.

My favorite part of the package was probably the project pouch made by PiddleLoop; its one of their "travel cases"and comes with a smaller pouch perfect for notions and such. The fabric is a very tasteful, feminine print. I used to do a lot of sewing so I can tell that both the fabric and the workmanship are of very good quality. You can see that I've already found a use for it :)

Cute Buttons! and more stitch markers (my initials L B) My favorite button is, of course, the sheep. My pal must have seen on my blog that I collect sheep.

To chase away those winter blues a cute felted flower kit! I have actually used the Daffodil pattern in this collection and it turned out so cute. I can't wait to try another one. The colors in the photo turned out funny, but its a pretty magenta color. Bright and cheerful! I'll have to put it in a vase in my studio.

And last but not least, a set of wooden double pointed Sox Stix from Lantern Moon. They are size zeros. These will be a special treat to use once I allow myself to cast on for another sock (I have several that need to be finished first!) I haven't used these yet, myself, but have heard great things from some of my knitting friends who knit a lot of socks. I can't wait to finally get to try them.

Oops, just about forgot about the sticky notes. Not a big deal, you might say, but I am always looking for sticky notes because I like to use them to keep my place in patterns. And these are cuter than your average sticky note too!

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