Friday, November 2, 2007

I'm a winner!

After completing Clue 3 of the Secret of the Stole on time (barely!) I was the lucky person who's name was drawn for the prize! I had to wait for it to arrive in the mail to learn what it was.

I got two skeins of beautiful, soft merino lace yarn. Its a one ply yarn which makes it sooo soft and squishy. In a beautiful pale pale blue. so lovely. My Secret of the Stole is in a multi-ply silk/merino blend which is beautiful but not at all squishy. So I can't wait to try this very different yarn.

I also received the cutest stitch markers. Someone my have to tell me how they work though as I've never had any with this type of clasps. I think the little turtle is my favorite-- isn't he cute? Now the question is, which of my many WIP should I use them with?

p.s. my stole hasn't progressed much since I finished clue 3. Life just got too busy! But I'm still working on it, little by little...


Gammy aka Peggy said...

Wow, aren't those wonderful gifts!!!! Congrats

LUL said...

Lucly you, looks great. You are right, that turtle is just too cute.

SYLVIE said...

Such beautiful yarn! Any plans for it?

My favorite stitch marker is the frog, my Mom used to collect them and I now have her collection.


SYLVIE said...

P.S. I'm just caught up with clue 4, I try and do a bit each day because life seems to sneak in too.