Sunday, November 25, 2007

Giving Thanks

As the holiday season swallows us up its easy to forget to be thankful. I LOVE the holidays, but so often other people stress out about it and seem miserable. So I am going to try to post often (I'd say every day but I know that probably won't happen) with something that has made my day good, or that I'm thankful for.

So for today:
My day is great because
a) my parents were getting rid of some clothing to make space in their closet and I inherited a stack of long sleeve t-shirts to wear in my studio (i couldn't bring myself to buy a long sleeve t-shirt just to get it covered in dye, so I've been braving it in short sleeves)
b) yesterday my FIL and fiance cut me a trailer full of fire wood and today my little brother (visiting for thanksgiving) made me a rip roaring fire!

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