Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Test Knitting Update

Wow, I've had such a great response to my request for test knitters! I think I have enough people making samples of the Twisted Socks and Twisted Mitts, but could always use more people to test the pattern with their own yarn. I could use another one or two testers for the Mini-Sweater and Mini-Sock and the Todos Scarf. The scarf kit takes a bit more shipping than a single skein of yarn so I think I am going to have to restrict my sample knitting offer to the US for this one. I'm knitting away on the entrelac socks, trying to get that one ready to be tested. Sometimes I wish i had several sets of hands so I could knit multiple projects at once! (I think I need one of these Knitting Kali t-shirts by Panopticon!)

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