Saturday, August 4, 2007


This week I am going to spend some time working on designs. I still need to finish editing the Twisted Socks and Twisted Mitts patterns. The lace sock pattern also still needs more work. New patterns include a top-down, raglan sweater out of Sheep Fuzz, a sweater out of House Blend (can also be made of Sashimi or Wild Thing) -- maybe a hooded sweater? -- entrelac socks, a shrug with bell sleeves, a felted bag (cabled?) and a modular bag. Right now I am focusing on very basic stuff-- for example a plain, top down raglan. Later, I can take those base designs and fancy them up with stitch patterns, hem/neck details, etc. I cast on for the Sheep Fuzz raglan tonight and got an inch or two done. Hopefully I will at least get the raglan part done and the body started this week so I can see how its going to look.

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