Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A MeMe

Karen tagged me and I'm FINALLY getting around to

Four jobs I have had:
  1. Alterations specialist at David's Bridal sewing alterations in bridesmaid and wedding dresses-- wow what an amazingly stressful job. That one only lasted about 6months before I just couldn't take it anymore. I learned a lot, though, about alterations, the wedding industry and myself.
  2. Costume shop at WFU theatre. My part-time job for several years while I was an undergrad student at Wake. I'm not sure what to say about this one. I'm glad its behind me.
  3. Knit Picky! My current job. A lovely yarn shop with great staff and even better customers. I can't say enough. If you are in North Carolina and haven't visited yet, you are missing out.
  4. The Handpainted Sheep. My baby of a hand painted yarn company.

Four places I have lived:
Uh oh, this is tough cause I've really only ever lived in Winston-Salem.
  1. my parents' house in Winston-Salem
  2. the dorms at Wake Forest (also in Winston-Salem)
  3. a couple of apartments in Winston (while attending school at Wake)
  4. currently I'm back in my parent's house half the time and in Chapel Hill with Chris (while he is in medschool there) for the other half of the time

Four Favorite Foods:
  1. pralines, especially freshly made in Savannah GA
  2. Ben & Jerry's ice cream (I like pretty much all the flavors and like to rotate what is in the freezer for variety)
  3. mango & coconut sticky rice made by Chris
  4. fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies

Four places I would rather be:
On the whole I'm pretty content with where I am. Most days I'd rather be
  1. in my dye studio working on some new colors
  2. in Chapel Hill with Chris who I don't get to see nearly often enough any more
but I really can't complain because I get to do both those things so often! As far as more distant places, my favorites might be
  1. a quiet place in the mountains, alone or just with a few close friends & family
  2. on the road visiting sheep & wool festivals with my mom (one of our favorite traditions)

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Anonymous said...

Oh darn! I wish I would have noticed this before I tagged you:

Oh well. Since you already have 12 facts in this post, I won't be sad if you don't play along with me. :)