Monday, May 25, 2009

Sewing Projects

Because of Memorial day, the fabric store was having a good sale today and I took advantage of it. And as soon as I got home and the fabric was all washed and pressed I got to work. And of course Avi helped out some.

As soon as I saw it I fell in love with the bright, fun green fabric. Once I looked at the bolt end I realized that it was no surprise that it caught me eye since its a Robert Kaufman print, and his fabrics always appeal to me for some reason. Since one of the projects I was shopping for as an apron, I thought that the cupcake print would be perfect. This project was cut out and sewn together in no time at all. Unfortunately I ran out of brown thread with only the pockets left to sewn on and the bottom edge to turn under. I'll try to remember to get Chris to take a photo of me wearing it soon since it looks rather shapeless spread out on the floor. The pattern is Simplicity 2932- I used the pieces for view D, but with pockets instead of the contrast lines in the skirt.

I also picked up several yards of this great dark brown/olivegreen/blue cotton print for a sundress. In this photo I'm zoomed in pretty close- from a regular viewing distance the print is fairly small. The solid olive green will be used for the band across the waist and the tie in the back. I over estimated how much fabric I'd need since I didn't have my pattern with me, but I think I'll use the extra fabric for another apron. I'll be using the same sundress pattern that I've used before- Simplicity 4220. Its nothing too exciting, but easy to wear and comfortable.

A few weeks ago I picked up several yards of this beautiful rose pink embroidered cotton fabric. Its very light weight with fine gold and dark rose embroidery. The flash on the camera makes the embroidery look more glitzy than it really is- in person its fairly subtle. I'm going to make a long skirt with this fabric to wear to some of the weddings I'm invited to this summer. Several of the weddings are relatively casual and/or outside, so a pretty skirt with a nice top and some nice jewelry should work well.

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