Monday, September 15, 2008

To Be a Better Wife

I've only been married a little under 2 months but its already clear that I'm a pretty crummy wife, at least when it comes to traditional wifely duties. I'm not a slob, but I also don't clean as much as I probably could. But in my defense its just not practical to try to keep our little apartment neat. I wouldn't be able to get anything else done if that was my goal. But more significantly, I don't cook. At all. When Chris goes out of town or gets sick I pretty much just survive on oreos and peanut butter and jelly. Its embarassing. And unfair, because though hes very good at it he really doesn't have time to cook every single night, especially now that hes spending so much time studying. So its time I learn at least a few dishes so that I can take on the dinner responsability once in a while. Tonight while he was napping (he had a test this morning and was up all night studying) I snuck out to the grocery store and came back prepared to actually do it. Thats right. Laura cooked something. I can't take credit for the "recipe", as it was my moms idea. Skinless/boneless chicken breasts beaten flat, coated on one side with bread crumbs and on the other covered with slices of feta cheese, then rolled up and placed in a dish with some white wine and a tiny bit of butter. Then baked at 400degrees for about half an hour or so. Served with brown rice and green peas. And a salad from the grocery salad bar. Its in the oven now. I hope its edible. If so, I'll be on the hunt for other recipes that are a) not just easy, but nearly fool-proof b) only take a few ingredients and c) healthy, we don't like to use a lot of butter or simple/white carbs. Any suggestions?  


Turtle said...

Good for you, it takes time. Here are 2 other ideas:

chicken breasts marinated in plain yogurt, garlic, rosemary and lime juice. Bake and top with crumbled feta and broil till cheese crisps.

a store bought roasted chicken served on a bed of salad with taco type ingredients. Dressing: mix sour cream, salsa and a little vinigrette

trek said...

We eat a lot of salads - chef style ones. Most of my dinner prep time is dedicated to vegetable washing and peeling and chopping and storing. I do extras so that I don't have to chop at each and every meal. For the protein part of the meal, we like to mix it up.

I often buy a rotisserie chicken and butcher it all up nice while still warm - then I have chicken bits available to toss in a salad or stir fry with broccoli or mix up as chicken salad.

Sometimes, I like to have breakfast for dinner and that's pretty straightforward - beat up some eggs, saute in a skillet with veggies and a little ham and presto - dinner is served.

The grill is also a great way to go - and the kitchen stays cleaner.

Lobug said...

Way to go! I didn't cook at all before I got married, either...:-)

Soups and stews in a crockpot are easy and healthy. Lots of veggies, a bit of meat, not much starch. I do one- my "what's in the house" stew(any combo or all of these ingredients-whatever's on hand): beef bits[no reason why chicken wouldn't work too] (any kind, leftover steak cut up, roast cut up, stew meat, meatballs, whatever), chopped cabbage, diced carrots, diced potatoes, either fresh diced tomatoes or a can, corn, green beans, other beans if I've got them, water, thyme, bay leaf, pepper, salt, onion and/or garlic. Cook on hi in the crockpot all day, or bring to a boil on the stovetop and simmer for 1-2 hrs. Great way to use up leftovers- absolutely delicious with some French bread. :-)