Friday, September 5, 2008

New Laptop!

Guess what arrived yesterday--- my new laptop! I finally gave in and replaced my poor old laptop, and just in time, too. While I was waiting for this one to arrive the old one's USB ports completely stopped working (they had been working off and on for months) meaning that I couldn't back it up to my external harddrive anymore. And for me thats the last straw. But now this one is here and its all new and shiny (actually shiny!) and its getting to know me and I'm getting to know it. The screen is wider and a lot easier to read, so I think its going to be much easier on my eyes. Plus its not missing keys like the old one (I blame it on the dog jumping onto my keyboard) so its easier to type on. Oh and the USB ports work, so I can connect it to my computer and the printer and the external harddrive. And, unlike the old one, it doesn't have to have the back left corner propped up at just the right angle to work. Plus it runs a lot faster and is all around better. I've just about got all my files transfered from the old laptop (made harder by the fact that the USB ports don't work) and most of the programs I frequently use installed. I've upgraded to a different version of photoshop and dreamweaver and some things are different, so it may take me a bit to adjust.  Now I just need to be extra careful not to destroy this one like I did the last one. Thankfully I won't be hauling around with me nearly as much since I'm not a student anymore (I used to take my laptop to class with me). And the dog is no longer a puppy and not as likely to pounce on my laptop while I'm not looking. And I promise not to use the laptop with wet dye-y or soapy gloves on anymore. Apparently thats not good for it. Who knew?