Monday, September 1, 2008

Tea Update

Since my last tea post, I've tried several more of the SerendipiTea teas.

Bolivian Black Tea: decent black tea, nothing objectionable but also nothing particularly exciting. I think that this is one I might appreciate if I were more of a tea connoisseur. I enjoyed it with cream and sugar. I'd say I preferred Namaste for a slightly more interesting black tea.

Earl Grey: Very good and unique. I don't think I've ever really had a good Earl Grey before, just the Twinings Tea Bag variety. And this was very different. I was surprised by the fairly strong citrus notes, but it was very good and the lemony flavor was refreshing. I preferred it with cream and sugar, though it was ok without the cream too. I'd definitely recommend this one.

Razzle Dazzle 'Em (Raspberry and Green Tea): This tea was very, very raspberry-y. Thats neither a good thing or a bad thing, but it wasn't really "my" thing. It tasted a bit too much like the herbal teas I'm accustomed to getting in tea bags from the grocery store. Nothing wrong with that, it just wasn't particularly excting. The raspberry flavor overwhelmed the much more delicate flavors of the green tea. It might be interesting to try this one iced.

So far my favorite is still Buccaneer. I think that Chris's favorite is the Earl Grey.

I'm thinking about going to A Southern Season sometime this week to see if I can find some BiscotTea to try. Ever heard about this company? Apparently its shortbread biscotti made to be eaten with tea, using tea as an ingredient. I heard about it on the TV program "Unwrapped"


Anonymous said...

If your looking for Biscottea check out:
They also have great teas.

trek said...

We don't have any good (any at all) tea shops near here :o(