Sunday, March 23, 2008

Here comes Spring!

I just realized how long its been since I posted last. March has just been busy, I guess! But then again, so was February...and January...oh and December...

Anyway, spring is getting close. Okay supposedly its already here. But in NC the weather fluctuates a LOT, so one day its spring, and the next they are calling for snow. But yesterday it rally felt like spring. So I celebrated by going to the corner plant stand and picking up some assorted potted herbs and planting little pots of them to use as center pieces on the tables at my wedding reception-- maybe. We have access to a bunch of pretty urns that will look great at the site, so I think I am going to fill them with herbs, lots of different types together, spilling over the edges. The wedding isn't till July, so I don't think I'll start seriously planting yet, but its fun to experiment! What do you think?

I further celebrated by dyeing some new spring colors. :)

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Knit Picky said...

These are pretty! They'll look great at the wedding.