Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wedding Socks

I have given up on the two socks on two circs method. I just made too much of a mess with it. For one thing, the two balls of yarn kept getting twisted up on each other and making a huge mess. And second of all, I kept grabbing the wrong needle, or working in the wrong direction or something and getting off on the pattern (i.e. one sock would be one row ahead of the other). I like the idea of two socks at a time, a lot in fact, but I think I'd like to try it with one circular (magic loop). Less needles would, hopefully, mean less of a mess. And I wouldn't be able to grab the wrong needle as easily-- less options. So I'd like to try that sometime. But for this pair of socks I think I'll just switch to my old friend, DPNs. I'll just buy a second set of DPNs so I can keep both socks going at, more or less, the same time. My goal is to make them thigh high (or at least knee high), so having them both on the needles at the same time is important. Otherwise I am certain I'd get one done and not have the motivation to start on the second! I have until July 19th to finish these up since I want to wear them under my wedding dress. Thankfully the needles are size 5 (since its lace), so they are going much more quickly than socks on itty bitty needles. And now that I don't have to fiddle with all those circular needles and tangles of yarn things should speed up even more!

p.s. when I took this photo they were both up to the ankle (just an inch or so past the heel) but now one of them is about a third of the way up my calf!)


Karen said...

They are so gorgeous and a perfect idea to knit for your wedding day!!! I can't quite fall in love with socks on 2 circs either - especially not two at at time. Hurray fro DPNs.

Cassandra said...

hey, chandler said you IMed him somewhat worried about me. I should be online more now, since we have internet hooked up. or you could give a call (same number) I've missed you, and all my knitting buddies. Stay sane with the wedding stuff.