Sunday, February 25, 2007

Colorwork Mitts

After making the FairIsle Socks I decided to use the same materials and techniques for a pair of fingerless mitts for myself. My hands are always cold in the winter, but having my fingers covered annoys me. With these mitts I can use my keys, type on the computer or even knit! The first pair (green, blue, yellow) is made using Knit Picks' Bare Superwash/Nylon Fingering Weight which I dyed with Cushings dyes. The second pair is made using Blue Sky Silk Alpaca, which we just started carrying at the shop. Wow what a nice yarn! I am using Brick, Chesnut and Kiwi (I love their creative color names, but the green doesn't really look like a "kiwi" to me). I will be teaching a class on this pattern at the shop in March (hopefully)-- my first class and the first time I've had anyone else make something from one of my own patterns!

Mitts #3-- a gift for the wonderful photographer who did such a wonderful job on my portraits last fall. Now she will be able to take pictures outside without freezing her hands! I am going to use the Blue Sky Silk Alpaca again but in several different colors- Peapod, Kiwi, Blue, Night and Ecru. I am very uncertain about the colors, but we will see! I am also unsure about the size. After knitting several inches I feel like it is too wide around, but I have a tendancy to make things too small ("Laura sized" as Chris says) so I may be wrong. I just don't there such a thing as an average hand measurement that I could use?

Tore the Mitts #3 out, started over. They are a more realistic size now (I think so at least!). I have the first one about half done. I really need to work on these mitts more- winter will be over before they are done! To motive myself, I joined the Stranded Colorwork Challenge.

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