Saturday, April 3, 2010


Guess what we did today? We picked up our chicks!! We drove out to Holly Springs to a place called Sumner- Byrd Poultry Farm- well actually its just a guy with a bunch of chicks in his garage and coops in his backyard! Before leaving with our girls we got a tour of his chicks. Though we had seen photos online while researching the breeds we wanted it was nice to actually see the birds in person. The pretty redhead to the right is an adult Rhode Island Red. The "teenagers" to the left are Americunas (if you click the picture it gets larger so you can actually see them) and finally the lady below is a Gold Comet. He had other breeds as well, like these silly Silkies, but these are the three breeds that we took home.

We hadn't expected to be getting the chicks so soon- we thought they weren't going to be available for two more weeks- and so we weren't quite prepared. We hadn't bought any chick food or bedding yet. So on our way home we stopped by the feed store...which had closed 30min earlier. So we had to drive to the next town whose feed store was open later but don't worry, we got everything the girls need to be happy. After the long drive(s) they were exhausted and happy to be in their new lodgings.

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