Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Why knitting isn't just for grandmas

I'm reading through the January 2008 issue of Yarn Market News and wanted to share an idea from an article talking about young knitters:

"Knitting is the low-tech counterbalance to the high-tech....It's perfect for today's teens. You think of young people being so keyed in to electronics and games. They're very connected to each other--via computer, via Facebook; knitting and crocheting give them that connectedness, too. They seem to respond to that feeling of creating something tangible. It's real; it's not virtual. ...The trends...reflect the push for personalization and customization. And that's what they think younger people turning to knitting is all about---they're responding to the pleasure of working with their hands....they need the peac, they need the quiet, they need the connectedness as much as adults do."

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