Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Stress is trying to kill me. For the last couples of days, off and on, I've felt light headed, foggy headed and overwhelmingly tired/weak. And then I'm ok. And then I'm not. The only "solution" has been to lay down on the couch. And, get this, I've been too yucky feeling to even knit. That means its serious. Well I noticed that these icky feelings were accompanied by an elevated heart rate. I could feel it rocking my body. So a couple of times over the last three days I counted it--each time it was about 114 beats per minute. (In case you don't have a background in medicine, the average bpm is about 70, anything over 100 is considered a medical problem). After waking up an hour after my alarm went off this morning and still feeling this way I decided it was time to see a doctor. Thankfully I just joined a lovely practice that is really good about getting you in the same day you call if its important. They did an EKG and, thank goodness, everything is normal. I had them print out a copy of the EFG report for me to give to fiance Chris, but of course it means nothing to me. But they said it was normal. Thats good. But, then, what is causing these problems? My doctors best guess--STRESS. Though I've never had this reaction to stress before (and I've had stress. believe me. I've had an easy life as far as lives go, but no one gets through an undergraduate education at a prestigious university without stress), the doc says that our bodies develop new responses over time. And apparently this is how my body has decided to respond to stress. Its not a very logical response in my mind. If I am stressed, the LAST thing I need is to be exhausted, light headed and confused. That just makes me MORE stressed out!! They also took blood and are going to run all sorts of tests to see if there is anything physically wrong with me, but my doc thinks its stress. So what am I supposed to do about this? I think I need a vacation....

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