Monday, May 21, 2007

Wonderful Knitting Friends!

I just got back from a delightful evening at the shop with the greatest group of knitters--and friends. This morning I graduated and instead of having a real graduation part I figured I'd just celebrate at the monthly charity knit night at the shop. My mom fixed an ice-cream cake, but thats all I expected. But then people started showing up-- with food and gifts! We ended up with cake, champagne, strawberries, fresh home-baked cookies and yummy turkey wraps. Jo gave me a beautiful leather bound photo album for pictures of Painted Sheep stuff, Carol had a funny singing card and Pat gave me a beautiful journal and bottle of wine! It was totally unexpected and wonderful! Now I am full of yummy food and champagne and happy. Oh, and we got a bunch of blocks knit for a Warm Up America blanket! Thanks everyone!!


Elke said...

Congratulations on your graduation (and engagement and the opening of your new business)! We're all so proud of you. I'm sorry I couldn't make it to celebrate the occasion with you.

Gena said...

Congratulations on all the exciting things happening for you right now! And what a great suprise at the shop, they are just the most wonderful people!

~Gena (from knit night)

Karen said...

Congrats on everything Laura. I'm excited to see where all these new things take you. It was fun getting to chat with you at charity knit night!