Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More tea!

Guess what arrived in the mail today-- more tea samples! And the timing couldn't be better-- the last couple of days have been overcast and rainy, perfect weather for hot tea! These are from SerendipiTea and promise to be really yummy. SerendipiTea has a HUGE selection of teas and a focus on fair trade teas. Plus they have a large assortment of Bio Dynamic and Organic teas. I asked them to send me an assortment of their teas that they are proudest of and feel represent the brand best. They sent: Bolivian Black Tea, Namaste (Indian Black Breakfast Blend), Makaibari Green Darjeeling, Puthjarjhora Estate Indian Green (Dooars), Earl Grey, Buccaneer (Coconut, Chocolate, Vanilla, Rooibos, Black Tea), Razzle Dazzle 'Em (Raspberry & Indian Green), What a Pear! (Green Tea & Pear), Zzzz (Chamomile & Lavender Tisane) and Red Oz (Lemon Myrtle & Rooibos Tisane). Wow. Thats a lot of tea.

I immediately put on a pot of the Buccaneer tea. Yum! The toasted coconut adds a subtle richness without overpowering the tea flavor. I like the balance of the rooibos and the black tea together. Rooibos on its own hasn't been appealing to me lately, but it accents the black tea nicely. Overall a very nice tea, perfect for a dreary day.

ETA: just tried the What a Pear! pear flavored green tea. Its a little weird. Ok, so I don't normally like pear flavored things and its very peary. Its not bad, just not me. Two down, 8 more to go!

Update: I'm now sipping a mug of Namaste- described as a Single Estate Indian Black Tea Breakfast Blend. I like it. Its very smooth without the bitterness that I sometimes find in poorer quality black teas, even the second cup w/ the same leaves. I added some sugar but no milk. I may try it with milk in the future, though, as sometimes I like my black tea prepared that way. There aren't any exciting flavors in this one, its just a good black tea. Mmmmm

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Turtle said...

see, i do not like to eat pears per sea but love things flavored pear. Your right, it sure is tea weather!