Friday, October 19, 2007


So, yesterday afternoon I thought I was going to spend the afternoon working on my Secret of the Stole lace project. Instead, Chris and I went to the motorcycle store and, ta-da, came home with a bike! I'm still feeling pretty anxious about him getting a bike, but I know he will be as safe as possible. Though of course its not him that I worry about-- its everyone else on the road!

p.s. Its a Honda Shadow 600 VLX Deluxe


Vykky said...

Oooo...nice! Looks like a Harley Fatboy?
Just remind him of what I'm teaching my daughter: all people in cars are in "cages". They're all blind and out to get you - drive accordingly. I've been riding for years and my daughter is learning well...he'll enjoy and keep himself safe! Now you...learn how to knit on the back of that bike!

Melva said...

Good for people to know.