Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Exciting News

Like the title says, I have some exciting news to share. This summer I am going to be starting my own little hand-painted yarn business! It is going to be called The Painted Sheep and the website will eventually be at http://paintedsheepyarn.com (it doesn't exist yet though). This week I have been researching places to buy undyed yarn, getting a website started and beginning to experiment with the dyeing itself. I have dyed yarn before and got a real kick out of dying self-striping yarn, but now I am trying to be more creative and artistic. So far I have dyed one skein in Knit Picky inspired colors and another in greens and pink inspired by a photograph by Bonnie Berlin (the third picture). The green is still wet so the colors will actually end up a lot lighter than this photo shows. More pictures here.

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Jo said...

Painted Sheep Yarn! A perfect name for your new venture. I have no doubt this businenss will be successful. Let me know when I may place an order for some Knit Picky sock yarn.